Luxembourg Zero Knowledge Days

26 - 27 June 2019

ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proofs) is a method to prove the knowledge of some fact, without revealing that fact. It is already used in several blockchains and is expected to have a major impact on applications that involve transactions, identity systems, and proprietary information in general.

The ZKLux#1 conference is now over, slides and videos are available below.
Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and everyone who attended.


ZKLux#1 Presentation Slides & Videos

Wednesday 26th June 2019, 14:00-18:00
Technical Sessions & Hands-on Workshop

Target Audience: Students, researchers and IT developers. Some mathematical background required.

14:00-15:20    Part 1: Introduction to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
1. Introduction to Cryptography Principles, Algebra Refresher, Elliptic Curves, ECDS Alex Kampa, Sikoba Research
2. Mathematical Concepts of Zero Knowledge Proofs [slides] - Vincenzo Iovino, University of Luxembourg

15:20-16:00    Part 2: Isekai Workshop [slides] - Guillaume Drevon, Sikoba Research
1. Introduction to Isekai
2. From Code to Circuit to R1CS
3. Hands-on Tests
It is recommended to read First steps with isekai on Windows to prepare for this workshop.

16:00    Break

16:15-17:00    Part 3: Modern Zero Knowledge Protocols
Introduction to STARKs, SNARKs and Bulletproofs [slides] - Dmitry Khovratovich, Sikoba / Dusk / Evernym / ABDK

17:00-17:45    Part 4: What is Quantum Teleportation? [slides]
A Special Talk by Claude Crépeau, Co-inventor of Quantum Teleportation in 1993 (this has obviously nothing to do with Zero Knowledge).

Location: LHoFT, combined "Bajcsy" and "Tesla" meeting rooms on the 3rd floor

Attendance Limit: 25

Thursday 27th June 2019, 10:30-17:00
ZKLux#1 Conference 

Target Audience: C-level executives wishing to learn about the impact of Zero Knowledge proofs, managers in charge of technology and innovation, blockchain practitioners, professionals interested in data privacy. 

Conference Program: The goal of the conference is to provide a wide-ranging overview of Zero Knowledge Proofs without requiring any prior technical knowledge.

09:30    Registration and coffee/pastries

10:30    An Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs [slides] - Alex Kampa, Sikoba Research

11:00    Fantom: Consensus-as-a-Service [slides] - Michael Chen, Fantom Foundation

11:20    Zero Knowledge is Crypto: 10 Mistakes You Will Probably Make and How to Avoid Them [slides] [video]            
              Dmitry Khovratovich, Sikoba Research

11:50     Relativistic Zero Knowledge Proofs [slides] [video] - Prof. Claude Crépeau, McGill University

12:50     Lunch Break (club sandwich buffet, "mignardises", soft drinks)

14:00    Zero Knowledge Proofs in Financial Services [slides] [video] - Markus Willms, European Investment Bank

14:30    Confidential Smart Contracts for Securities [slides] [video] - Luke Pearson, Dusk Network

15:00    Practical Applications of Zero Knowledge Proofs [slides] [video] - Guillaume Drevon, Sikoba Research

15:30     History of Blockchain and Zero Knowledge Proofs [slides] [video]
               Slides by Prof. Jean-Jacques Quisquater, UC Louvain, presented by Prof. Claude Crépeau

16:00    Coffee Break

("Layer-2 Blockchain Solutions Using SNARKs" by Alex Gluchowski, Matter Labs, was cancelled)

16:15    Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge and Its Applications, Including E-Voting [slides] [video] - Vincenzo Iovino, University of Luxembourg

17:00   Closing Remarks

17:15    Cocktail Reception

Practical Details: All talks will be recorded and later published on YouTube. A light lunch will be served to all conference participants. There will also be a coffee break in the afternoon as well as a networking cocktail after the conference.

Location: House of Startups, "Big Bang" room (level 0)

Thanks to our ZKLux#1 Speakers

Prof. Jean-Jacques Quisquater
UC Louvain

Thanks to our Main Sponsor

Fantom Foundation

Fantom Foundation (http://fantom.foundation) is the principal sponsor of the conference. Fantom is a DAG-based distributed ledger technology stack, incorporating new methods of scalability, combined with a high-performance virtual machine and safe, secure smart contract execution. Fantom also plans to include ZKP features into its blockchain.


Thanks to our Gold Sponsors

This conference was organised by Sikoba Research

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